Master Series Adjustable Chair


There are many benefits that occur due to sexual participation, including improved mental health, pelvic muscle coordination, and decreased incontinence. Anyone who wishes to participate in sexual activities should be able to, as sex is considered an Activity of Daily Living (ADL). Unfortunately, some people are limited, potentially due to injury, illness, or disability; therefore, we are confident the Master Series Adjustable Chair is the perfect solution!

Made out of durable, solid, sturdy iron metal and wood, the chair will enable safe and comfortable sexual participation in the chosen environment. This chair is ideal for anyone who is differently-abled and has difficulty with sexual participation because of difficulty maintaining supportive postures and positions.

Designed to be able to handle up to 330 lbs of weight, this chair has adjustable leg positions that can adjust the width and height of the legs and a backrest that can take you from sitting to lying back completely horizontal. The plush, faux leather pads provide comfort and cushion for the one laying back. Enjoy it both facing forward or towards the back to open up a variety of positions for you and your partner! Use the crank to widen or close the width of the leg supports. The calf rests can be lifted or lowered, dependent upon your goals.  The nylon straps and plastic buckles cross their thighs, calves, belly and chest and have easy-release functions so it's quick and easy to change positions. The D-rings, located on the upper part of the backrest, can help to maintain the pose of the upper extremities. 

This chair creates lots of different opportunities for switching positions and offers ergonomic solutions for those who want to keep on playing longer and longer without discomfort! When you're ready to clean the chair, spray toy cleaner or mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol on the pads and metal and wipe clean with a soft cloth.


Measurements: Overall: 66.5 in Length x 21.5 in Width x 57 in Height
Torso pad: 31 inches Length x 9.5 inches Width
Seat pad: 22 inches Length x 9.5 inches Width
Leg rests: 11 inches L x 8 inches Width

Max weight limit: 330 lbs

Materials: Iron, wood, foam, PVC leather, nylon, ABS plastic

Key Features:
Adjustable Chair: This chair adjusts in more ways than one! You can adjust the backrest, the width of the legs, and the height of the legs. Choose custom positions for ergonomically enhanced scenes!
Sturdy Frame: Made out of iron and wood, this frame is sturdy and strong. It can handle up to 330 lbs of weight.
Plush, Comfortable Pads: The faux leather pads are plush and supportive for your ultimate comfort as you are strapped in.
Quick-Release Buckles: The buckles strap across your thighs, shins, belly and chest. Quickly release whenever needed by squeezing the buckles.


Comes in discreet, brown-box packaging.

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